An old friend recently posted about an epiphany that transformed his theological understanding of God. Richard Rohr’s writings had caught him off guard and claimed yet another victim of universalism. His teaching alters the biblical God to one of his own design. A god that loves everyone and everything without conditions. This god differs greatly from the true God described in the scriptures in that it is not holy as He is. Because God is holy and righteous in all of His ways, unrighteousness cannot coexist in His presence. A god that is not holy requires no accounting for people’s sins, therefore no need for them to change, and no need for a saviour. John the baptist and his cousin Jesus got it all wrong. People don’t ever need to repent because this new god loves them all to bits just the way they are.  When a Christian strays from God and neglects daily repentance and seeking to conform to God’s image, he is left wide open to errant philosophies. Repentance is an unpleasant process that requires dying to ones self. Without repentance from sin, one is disqualified from calling themselves a Christian. This new god is not really a God at all, just an imaginary force, a feel good vibe that disappoints in the end. Once God is reduced from a personage to a mere force, His holy nature loses relevancy. Morality becomes a sliding scale of relativity rather than an absolute code. The authority of the scriptures is softened almost to the point of redundancy. 

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