Ambiguity and The Nashville Statement 

In attempt to be accommodating and pastoral in nature, ambiguous words and phrases are often used when dealing with gender issues. Some would say they are watering down the truth, while others call it being sensitive.  In the recent debate, Eugene Peters attempted to please everybody by being ambiguous. In the end, nobody was pleased, or impressed.  The Bible uses “in your face” language and never beats around the bush, spelling out the truth as it is. The scriptures never attempt to hide the truth or embellish it.  Emergent church proponents feel a need to cloak their heresies in a story as in “The Shack.” When the author finally came clean with what he really believed in a subsequent book, the reviewers largely ignored it. It seems they had more fun guessing what he believed than actually hearing it from him. Or perhaps they were more preoccupied with controversy than the truth of the matter.  Jesus never minced words as he blasted Pharisees and hypocrites alike.  He never used butter talk and never went out of His way to be diplomatic with anyone. 

One of the biggest criticisms of the Nashville Statement has been its direct language. That’s probably what I like about it the most. They called out the LGBT agenda for what it is. It’s diabolical to the core. No right thinking Christian with even a basic knowledge of the scriptures should ever go along with their feeble attempt to justify their behavior. The scriptures make it clear that all homosexuality and gender confusion is an abomination to a holy God. Why would any intelligent Christian attempt to soften the scriptures straight talk about their sin by using ambiguous words? 

The NS clarifies for once and for all what bible believers stand for. It forces a clear distinction between those Christians who take God at his word and those who would twist scripture to fit their ideologies. All churches and Christian leaders will eventually be forced to make a decision on the gay issue and there will be no neutral ground to hide behind. There are of course consequences to aligning with those who believe the bible speaks the truth. The left can be quite vicious and unforgiving of anyone who disagrees with them. Finally after dithering for so long, the religious right has come clean and identified a clear biblical standpoint.  Meanwhile hundreds of left leaning churches have caved into social pressure to affirm gays.  Doesn’t God know gays are sensitive and that He might hurt their feelings? One would almost think He does it on purpose.

I for one am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and support the NS 100%.