God Revealed

A nice young couple came to our fellowship and took part, even though they didn’t know the lord they were truly seeking for the truth. After about a year she announced that she couldn’t continue to come because she had to be true to herself and follow the goddess within. Her husband continued to come seeking to know and understand who God is, but his philosophy remained contrary. Love is all you need, typical new age philosophy.A year later she returned and announced to our fellowship that “this Jesus had followed her and wouldn’t give her any rest.” She decided to “give Him a year of her life.” I thought “she should be so lucky, if she only knew that this was the Lord of Lords she was consenting to.”  He decided that Jesus’s claims were correct and that perhaps love wasn’t the answer to all that ails us.  

We had dinner with them the following Sunday and she said “I moved one step towards Jesus and He moved a hundred towards me.” That’s sounds just like my Jesus!  She threw away her crystals and books and they were baptized in the ocean, it was glorious. They got well and truly saved, hook line and sinker. No sliding into the kingdom here! In spite of attending a post modern new age fellowship where the gospel is never preached, God honored a heart that was seeking the truth and revealed Himself to them.  

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