A few years back, I was helping out in my son’s retail store. A customer was buying a generator because the electricity had been cut off in his apartment for non payment of his bill. He described how he had considered cutting into the apartment wall and tapping into the neighbors wires to use their electricity. I reminded him that it was stealing. He responded that he didn’t know them so it was ok.
This is situational ethics at its worst. If you don’t know someone it’s ok to steal from them. Being as I’d never met him before, I thought it would prudent to keep an eye on everything he did in the store. Then I saw his partner. He was gaunt, sickly looking and effeminate. After talking with them for a while, I realized how very twisted and bent they were. They made me feel dirty just being around them. They spent over $1000, paid with cash not cards, and loaded their purchases into a waiting cab. I couldn’t help but wonder where the money came from. I don’t know why but those slimy characters stuck in my mind.
After spending many years volunteering once a week serving drug addicts on the street with the Salvation Army, it never ceases to amaze me how low a man can get. How utterly depraved and vile a person can stoop to being. In many cases you would call them mentally handicapped or outright insane. I’m absolutely convinced that all sin erodes our sanity, and that man’s only hope for a sound mind is to be found in Christ.

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