Horribly Addicted

I was at my doctors when he prescribed a dose of penicillin for an infected bladder. He used the term “horribly infected” in describing what could happen to me if I didn’t take the drugs to get it under control. I thought about that term for a while. I really didn’t ask for or want a bladder infection. I was the unwilling recipient of an insidious infection that a mere 100 years ago, likely would have been fatal.
Addictions are similar in that seemingly reasonable people, just doing what normal people do, can get trapped in a life altering addiction. One feels helpless at the disposal of a merciless tyrant. Left unchecked, your captor will most certainly ruin all that could have been beautiful and innocent. In particular, I’m referring to drug addiction. The toll on human lives is immeasurable not only in inner city ghettoes, but with every day working stiffs. They thought they were mentally strong enough to dabble in casual drug use and avoid the trappings of the drug world.
In the downtown east side of Vancouver, within a ten square block area are ten thousand active drug addicts. Tragically, statistics say that for everyone on the street, elsewhere there are ten functioning addicts elsewhere who carry on a normal life. You would never guess that they are horribly addicted to substance abuse. This parasite sucks the life blood out of its hapless victims. Everything that is good and honourable is sacrificed for it’s unquenchable thirst. Addiction knows no class barriers, has no age restrictions and no economic boundaries. Some drugs are highly addictive even at a single dose, while others do permanent brain damage. The exit strategy for drug abuse is long and painful. Experimenting with drugs is a death wish that will inevitably destroy families, wealth, health, and worst of all, human dignity. Drug addiction is a blight on a society which offers no real answers or long term solutions and there is very little hope of full recovery. Christian based recovery operations such as Teen Challenge offer hope to the hopeless, and are a bright spot amongst largely ineffective government programs.
Recently I watched a utube of an addict writhing on the ground like a wounded reptile. She had lost all self respect and modesty. It was sad and painful to watch how low a person could descend. Christ offers dignity and wholeness of mind and body for those who would follow him wholeheartedly.

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