The Lie of Secret Sins

Everybody knows that secret sins have a way of finding you out. Just when you thought nobody would ever find out, and that it wouldn’t affect anybody else anyhow. God is fully aware of your secret, and is more interested in preserving the purity of His body than helping your deceptive coverup remain hidden.
It’s a lie from satan that it doesn’t affect anyone but yourself. Maybe not in obvious ways, but there are tangible negative affects when your personal integrity is eroded.
It’s a lie that it satisfies. Sin’s insatiable nature ensures that it will never satisfy. It only entraps the weak willed to repeat unseemly behavior. It’s also addictive in nature, enslaving those who are simple minded and foolish.
If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about pornography and the insidious effect it has on it’s viewers. Unfortunately, Christians, and even Christian leaders are often duped by the lie that they can get away with watching porn. Perhaps God doesn’t notice, or maybe He is too busy to care what we watch …? If you’re that gullible, perhaps I can interest you in some nice Florida vacation property I’m selling. It just needs to be drained and the alligators shot off before using it.
Of course it’s important what we do when no one sees us. In fact it’s more important than the front we put on for the world to see. What we do in secret defines a real Christian, and separates him from the fake ones. Jesus was particularly harsh on those who led a secret life yet put on a front of respectability.
He called them… hypocrites.
Personal integrity begins when we admit our depravity to God. Our pride separates us from God, but when we humble ourselves, we are ushered into His presence where forgiveness is freely given. Humbling yourself for the sin of indulging in pornography involves confession. If you’re thinking “it’s not that much of a sin that I need to confess it to someone, just working it out with God should suffice,” then you don’t realize the seriousness nature of it. If you’re taking your cues from societies approval ratings, you’ll get it all wrong. Jesus said if you look on a woman with lust, you’ve committed adultery in your heart. The very fact that you feel uncomfortable confessing it should tell you it’s wrong, shameful, sinful.
For a Christian not to take seriously that which Christ died for is a grievous sin in itself. He becomes satan’s mole in the church, secretly eroding it’s purity from the inside out.
Satan calls them… useful idiots. đŸ˜•

One thought on “The Lie of Secret Sins

  1. Great article Bill – Thank you! makes me thinking of 1JOHN1:7 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.

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