Global Warming and Settled Science

Global warming is to blame for record snowfall and freezing temperatures. The unseasonably inclement weather is due to an inversion factor causing an equal and opposite temperature rise some where else in the world. Most scientists agree that in spite of global temperatures remaining constant for the past 18 years, we cannot be too premature in admitting that the global warming scare perpetrated by Al Gore was a complete hoax. After all, millions of taxpayers dollars have been spent propping up the theory. We are certain that in a few more years, perhaps a decade or two, the temperatures are bound to begin to rise somewhere on earth, vindicating the predictions. We really don’t want to confuse the issue with the facts, it’s settled science and not worthy of debate. Global temperatures will eventually rise and of course man is the evil culprit of this mess we’re going to be in. Never mind that the projections have been totally off for 18 consecutive years. This is a temporary lull and global warming will return with a vengeance.
Meanwhile we need to change our terminology to “climate change.” It’s a little too cold outside to be calling it global warming at least in western Canada, and most of the east as well.