On Being Uninhibited

Last week I watched a movie called “Dory” with my grandchildren. It was about some fish that talked and had human like emotions. Not particularly my type of flick. True to form, Disney’s movies are always didactic, unashamedly pushing their agenda on kids like a drug dealer in a high school parking lot. Walt would roll over in his grave in disgust if he only knew. They used the phrase ”what would Dory do?” A take off on ”what would Jesus do.” Dory was a half wit fish who lost her parents, then cruised through the next year following her every wind of emotions. It reminded me of tracking deer in the woods. They seem to have a memory of about 5 seconds, following wherever they felt like going at every turn. Bovine tracks on the other hand are guided by either food, sex or safety. Their tracks are quite predictable, not like a deer’s that Meander about in the woods.
An orderly life is a self disciplined life. The scriptures instruct young and old, male and female, single or married, even widows, to lead a self disciplined life. Without it, elders and church leaders are subject to disqualification.
It’s a pagan idea that we should lose all our inhibitions and be free. In truth we become a slave to our emotions, forced to do whatever feels good at the moment. True freedom comes when we take on the yoke of Christ, reign in our inhibitions, and lead a self disciplined life.
Unfortunately the philosophy of uninhibitedness is all too prevalent, leading otherwise intelligent people down the garden path of relativity. A new generation of pseudo spiritual guides author books that weak or ignorant Christians gobble up like popcorn. This new humanistic philosophy scratches an itch of discontent with everything gone wrong in traditional churches today. The abandonment of historic Christianity and good orthodox teaching comes with the high price of alienating the weak in the faith. They will seek teachers of Christianese sounding platitudes that are just cleverly wrapped paganism. A clue to detecting who they are is their ever present discontented attitude towards the church. Forgetting that this is the precious bride of Christ they are maligning, they heap condemnation for themselves. Authors like Richard Rohr , Robb Bell and Glennon Doyle Melton give the illusion of following Christ, but only lead their readers to a life of discontentment, a loss of true direction, and enslavement to a philosophy of self fulfillment. The end result of their folly is often sexual deviancy, debauchery and debasement.
They are moles placed in God’s church by none other than satan himself.

Proverbs 25:28
A man without self control is like a city broken into and left without walls.

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