The Mystery of God

The mystery of God only comes to us by revelation. The revelation that in spite of our sin, we can receive God’s forgiveness and be restored to a right relationship with Him.
I remember when I was in college, and like a typical worldly college student, in spite of the fact that I had known God for many years, lived according to my desires rather than what I knew was right. I had a friend who was brought up in a Christian home and seemed as though she was perfect and had never sinned. I felt unclean when I was around her. Like I had failed as a Christian and could never be as pure as the likes of her. Later I realized I was right. My best efforts to clean up my act were a dismal failure. When I eventually surrendered to God, and let His power work in my life to purify me, I began to feel clean inside. That’s because I was clean inside! Once He forgave me, and released my mind from sinful patterns, I could appropriate his cleansing power.
The gift of understanding this mystery came to me when I was in my most sinful state, and out of desperation, I finally turned to Him.
Now I know the secret to the mystery of God that most of the world doesn’t have a clue about. They miss the whole point about relating to God. As if by our own efforts we could become less sinful. The very word “sin” is an anathema to modern society. Every effort is made to eradicate the thought that we are sinful creatures. Lies like “We are born perfect, but society corrupts us” affect our thinking. Once the concept of sin is dealt with, the theory is one only has to strive harder for the elusive perfection.
The mystery of God is the saving power of Jesus Christ. The unmerited favour God bestows on us when we trust in Christ for salvation. Salvation from sin and a sinful life, Satan and his power over our lives. It’s our sin that separates us from a loving God and His purposes for our lives. The culprit is non other than our own sin. There is no other way to effectively deal with our sin than to humble ourselves before almighty God and repent of it. To say that we’ll just try harder next time not to sin, is a slap in the face to God. It’s a rejection of His provision for our sins. That in itself is a grievous sin. We are all equal under God in that He calls all men to repent of their sins and turn to Christ.