The Addiction Answer

I was reading about a doctor’s recent research on fasting which debunked the myth that muscle is burned when you first fast. Apparently that only happens later, after your fat stores are burned off. That makes intermittent fasting a very healthy weight loss strategy. There are tons of fad diets and pills available, all to avoid the most obvious way to lose weight, stop eating!
Yesterday I went to a lecture on some ground breaking research on addictions. We learned that as society breaks down, the incidence of addiction would increase. No attempt was made to come up with a solution to the addiction problem. Now I’m no psychologist but I would have thought that the answer was pretty obvious. Later when I suggested to the speaker that the answer was to turn to Jesus Christ, he said “we tried that but it didn’t work.” That’s like saying I tried fasting but I couldn’t lose any weight. Wait a minute, food intake is the very reason people gain weight. If you stop eating long enough you WILL lose weight. The connection is so obvious, it’s overlooked. The reason we’ve lost our way and have turned to addiction, is that we’ve turned our backs on God and rejected His mandate that we rely on Him. Quite possibly the most obvious answer to all that ails mankind is that we’ve turned away from our maker in a self determination to prove our way better than His way. We like sinning, so much so that we ignore it’s devastating consequences. We will try everything we can, except the most obvious.

John 16:6
Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

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