Teresa, Justin, Hillary

Britain’s new Prime Minister is a self-described “bloody difficult woman” who hates small talk and isn’t afraid to take on any rival. If a man ever dared to describe himself that way, he’d be turfed out so fast it would make your head spin.
It seems that a prerequisite for any woman to be involved in politics is that they are meaner than a junk yard dog. Any of the male species hoping to make an inroad must first prove that he’s a consummate metro man or worse.

Canada’s new PM is a self described feminist. He loves gay parades, and is proud to march with them for the third time. One has to wonder why he has such a close affinity with the gays. Is he just being politically correct, or is there something he’s not telling us? Well if it’s got feathers, it quacks, and looks like a duck, it just might be a duck. Unfortunately he’s never had a real job, and it appears that he’s totally inept at managing anything bigger than a 711. There was some thought that at least he would hire smart men to make up for his lack of experience. That was an unfounded rumor that has since been proven totally untrue.

South of the border they aren’t faring so well either. What a gong show. Who’s going to win, the liar or the thief? Perhaps they need a complete house cleaning. Mr. Trump seems more than capable of shaking things up and rattling a few cages. They’ve gone so far left of center that they actually think Hilary is moderate. Obviously they didn’t learn a lessen from hiring her husband, the moral train wreck.

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