Heaven is Real …movie review

Some time ago I watched the movie with a room full of new believers. I don’t think anyone seriously had their faith strengthened or was any more convinced of the existence of heaven after watching it. It reminded me of an old movie where a little girl saw a vision of Mary. They called her a saint, built a shrine on the location, then immortalized her experience. How silly. Gosh, I have dreams all the time and nobody’s sainted me yet.
The main character was a hip pastor of a typical middle America church. The church board were about to fire him because he was falling apart at the seams. His four year old son had a dream about heaven that shook his shallow untested faith, and challenged his charismatic adverse theology. I don’t understand how a pastor can preach about heaven for years, then be so surprised when he finds out that it might actually be true.
I went away thinking, if heaven is real, or at least if this movie’s thin evidence of heaven’s reality were enough to convince anyone that heaven was anymore real, how then should we live? Unfortunately they came to a much more palatable conclusion that all you need is love, or love conquers all, or some other new age nonsense.
All said, if you want a sappy emotional flick where the kids are predictably all wise and the dad is a feeble dope that in the end eventually sees the light, by all means, go see the movie.

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