Foreign Workers and Cheap Products

Many years ago, we all but gave up on hiring anyone born in North America. There’s a sense of entitlement that runs deep in our culture. If the job doesn’t work out, there’s always another one waiting. With the downturn in the economy, rather than get more serious about their vocation, they resort to playing their lives away. With a few notable exceptions, it’s almost impossible to find a good employee locally. One fellow had the nerve to tell me “you can’t fire me. Just watch me, I said, you’re outa here!” Another guy wanted to pick a fight with me because I let him go for incompetence. I should have taken a poke at him, but he probably would have sued me.
The first foreigner I employed, was so good, my hiring policies changed forever. Our company became like the United Nations, with staff from a dozen different countries. A common thread was that they all appreciated just having a job, and really took their work seriously.
We wonder why our factories have shut down, and we’ve been inundated with foreign products. Only foreigners are willing to work. When I was in the garment industry, almost every factory worker had trouble speaking English. Now the factories have all shut down and they’ve taken the production back to their home countries. It’s not just that production is cheaper there, it’s that nobody here wants to do manual labour. So we shouldn’t complain about the inferior quality of imported products. You get what you pay for. We wanted cheaper prices so we got a cheaper product.

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