Seize The Moment

It’s popular notion that in order to truly achieve happiness, one must live each day at a time, seizing the moment. This term, once popularized by Robin Williams, didn’t serve him very well, nor has it worked for countless others who adopted this philosophy. It spawns an “eat, drink, for tomorrow we die” mentality. This fatalistic attitude causes much hopeless and despair. Learning contentment in the mundane is replaced by a never satisfied quest for newer and more exciting thrills. Dissatisfaction is increased in grey and ordinary pursuits such as marriage, and work.
It’s not possible that we can all achieve greatness. For every great person, there are scores of not so great people, operating at a more pedestrian pace. If everyone was great, then nobody would be great. The lure of greatness is closely associated with our vanity and pride, whereas true greatness comes to the truly humble in heart.
Marriage is for those who have settled down to one partner, and committed themselves to working on that relationship through thick and thin. Those who are always seeking bigger and better thrills, and greener grass, don’t stay married.
Work is a gift of God, but it often seems like a pointless grind as we slog away day after day. We tend to view work as a necessary evil to be avoided at all costs. The union mentality of “working for the weekend,” stifles creativity and job satisfaction. Next door to my son’s store is a sheet metal shop. Their workers are the most miserable bunch of guys who treat their job like a prison sentence. In contrast, most of my son’s workers actually enjoy their work. His wages are substantially lower yet job satisfaction is noticeably higher. Money is obviously not a huge factor.
Finding fulfillment in the ordinary things of life is possible when we realize that our every breath is a gift from God. To lead a life that’s pleasing to Him, to be a willing servant to The Lord of the universe, this is far more fulfilling than any earthly pursuit.
True satisfaction in life does not come from serving ourselves, but by serving others and ultimately serving God and valuing what He’s given us to do.

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