It’s Hard Here

I remember in high school, our little ISCF group huddling together and talking in hushed tones about our faith. School can be a brutal unforgiving place where non conformity is met with harsh resistance. I recall working on a big Union site and being warned by a fellow Christian worker, not to share my faith here because “it’s hard here.” We started a church with all Chinese people. Because of their communist mindset, we were warned that “it would be hard to penetrate with the gospel.”
Coming to Pender island, I was told by a Christian brother that “it is hard to share the gospel here because there were so many defences that the gospel didn’t work on this island.”
Wait a minute, it’s hard everywhere. There’s nowhere that it’s easy. Ease of passage should never be the determining factor when sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. It will be hard. There will be strong resistance. Get use to it. We were called to endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
My son Aaron’s often said to me “I didn’t choose farming because I was afraid of work dad.”
This is true of Christianity. There are many nice religions that specialize in making you feel good, that attempt to dull your senses to the harsh reality of life by promising some form of nirvana. True Christianity follows a different path. We are called to identify with the man who’s very name brings conviction of sin. It’s hated so much so that it’s constantly used as a swear word and a reproach. His name polarizes people. That’s why those weak in the faith and not sure where they stand, speak His name in hushed tones. His name will cause division between the closest friends.
There’s always shame in the name to those who reject His judgement. But to those who embrace that judgement, His name brings sweetness to their ears.
As the song says “Just the mention of His name, causes me to worship.”
It’s never easy to share the gospel. It’s never easy to say the name of Jesus in public, or to preach the way of salvation where “it’s hard here.”
For this, I was called and commissioned, and God forbid that I would ever hold back.

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