Clouds of Emotion

I bought an old motorcycle in Victoria and wasn’t paying attention to the time, so I missed my return ferry. That wasn’t the worst thing in the world that could happen to me. It meant I had to spend all afternoon in the hottest day so far this year, cruising around on a Triumph Bonneville. Life can be hard sometimes. Some call it “first world problems.”
So I’m riding along on an ocean front twisty road, without a care in the world, checking out the beach and thinking about how incredibly good I felt. A tiny cloud rolled in and momentarily blocked the sun. My mood changed to “I don’t feel very good.” Before I knew it that little cloud passed, the sun was shining once again, and I couldn’t believe how good I suddenly felt. What just happened to me? A Little cloud altered my entire countenance. How fickle could I get?
Our Christian lives are often like that. A few clouds of adversity in our lives and we act as though God has removed our names from the book of life. We have yet to master our emotions and bring our every thought captive to the word of God. Problems will come. Difficulties are a fact of life. We go to great lengths to avoid them when it would go better for us if we accepted them as part of life and an opportunity to learn something new. …Endurance.

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