A closer walk with Jesus

Here are 4 ideas to help you walk closer to Jesus.
1./ Worship Him
Weather you think he deserves it or not. Do it daily. Worship Him longer and more intensely than is comfortable to do. Give a sacrifice of praise and worship to Him without any agenda of receiving anything in return from Him. Change your heart about it and do it willingly even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t allow pride or complacency to stand in your way.
2./ Ask God to reveal your sin. Commit yourself in advance to deal ruthlessly with the sin He shows you. Be prepared for unpleasant revelations from Him.  Be prepared for all sorts of your own justifications of why you shouldn’t have to deal with your sin. Even the little sins count. I once had to return two elastic bands that I stole. What’s important is your heart in the matter, and your willingness to please Him no matter what the cost or how insignificant the sin may seem.
3./ don’t multitask with God.
Multitasking has been proven to be inefficient. Giving God half of your attention doesn’t honour God or bless Him in any way. Stop what you’re doing and give Him your undivided attention if you ever expect Him to listen to you. Throwing up a quick prayer is as easy for you to do, as it is for Him to ignore.
4./ Do the right thing and the right feelings will follow. We rely far too heavily on personal experience and our emotions, rather than the written word of God.
I’ve noticed that those who struggle with the truth of the scriptures are those who seldom read them. They rehearse in their minds the few verses they remember, but don’t read enough scripture to put them into proper context. Knowing what the scriptures say, brings peace. Having a steady diet of them, and continually comparing our lives to them for His correction, assures us that we are headed on the right course.

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