The Addict

Addiction is a powerful force that in the correct context can be life giving. I’m addicted to my wife, and wouldn’t change that for anything. I’m compelled to read the scriptures and driven to discover the heart of God. This has served well and has been a life giving force, forming my life and persona. Unfortunately most addictions are of a negative nature. You are a slave to that which controls you. The wreckage of human lives is all to obvious with hard drugs, but 90% of them are “functioning addicts,” meaning they are still able to hold down a job and appear fairly normal. The addiction hasn’t got to the point that they are totally incapacitated …yet
Drug abuse is a death wish. It’s like releasing a flesh eating pacman into your bloodstream. In short order it will hollow you out till everything good is eaten up. Last week I met an old friend who years ago I had helped get into recovery. When I first met him, he was a sickly emancipated shell of a man. He had spent many years living on the street in the worst part of Vancouver, horribly addicted to hard drugs. To see him now was such a joy. His eyes were clear, he just looked healthier and full of life. It’s truly amazing to watch Jesus transform a man’s life. All the government programs and money spent to combat drug abuse are an utter failure compared to what God can do. They treat the symptoms whereas He changes the heart of man.

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