Giving is a powerful tool in which the giver is immensely recompensed in proportion to the gift. This is a universal natural rule supported by the scriptures. However, for the Christian it takes on a new meaning reflecting the regenerate life that we now lead. Having died to our fleshly desires of personal gain, we are no longer captive to viewing everything in a self centred manner.
For non believers, the concept of heaven is rather limited to an afterthought to our life here on earth. It’s a bonus for a life well lived. But like dessert, if the main course is really good, what follows may not be necessary, perhaps just a nap.
For the Christian, heaven is not restricted to the hear-after. God’s kingdom is currently in full operation, and the reality of heaven is the greater portion than it’s earthly counterpart. Consequently when we read about recompense for financial contributions, we naturally think of an eternal repayment plan, and trust that God will repay in spades. Perhaps not in the same currency as the contribution, but we do trust that God is no man’s debtor and will definitely not shortchange us.
The carnal mindset centers on immediate financial gain here on earth. Christians who think carnally lack a true understanding of God’s nature and the scriptures. They think if they give money to God, He will automatically increase their bank balance. They live in an illusionary religious bubble and are often victims of get rich quick schemes, twisting scriptures to justify their self serving philosophy. A dead give away is when you hear the frequent misuse of the word “prosperity.”

Water Witching

Last summer I was talking to a contractor about where to find water on our farm, when he offered to witch for a well location. “No thanks, there’s enough problems developing the land as it is without inviting evil spirits into the mix.” He replied “What, are you superstitious?”
Later I thought about his response to me. He has no idea of what water witching is all about. To him it’s just a tool that works, so why not use it?
Water witching is divination, or conjuring evil spirits to gain assistance or direction. The problem is, along with the divination comes a curse on the land, on the person doing the witching, and on the person who ordered it. They are unwittingly delving into a spiritual realm that they know nothing about, and will undoubtedly get burnt in the process. Most people who practice it are just useful pawns in the hands of the devil.
Dictionary: “Divination is the practice of attempting to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means.”
It’s possible that the future can be foretold by a prophet inquiring of God, but the bible makes it clear that it forbids anyone inquiring of the devil or using divination of any kind. Just the thought of witching creeps me out. White, black, or green, I don’t care what color a witch is, they’re all bad.
Witches are not just sinister old ladies dressed in black and carrying a broom, they are demons from hell, with no other interest but to deceive, enslave, and destroy.
I believe that God can reveal where water is, but for that information He requires enslavement. Not a bondage to the demons from hell, but to righteousness, and to a righteous God who loves and cares about us.
Even if I never find water, there is no possibility I’d ever seek directions from an evil source. Not on my farm!