Being Filled With The Holy Spirit

This morning I read in the book of Luke about Simeon, Anna and John. All three of them were filled with the Holy Spirit. Each of them were careful to lead a righteous life before God. It didn’t come by accident but was by diligent effort to please their Lord in everything they did. God keeps us humble by constantly reminding us of our humanness. None can ever attain perfection, but it is possible to please Him with our daily lives. Here are a few keys that I have found helpful.
– In the morning, I purpose to make my first thoughts be of Him, rather than the concerns of the day. Being a morning person, I make sure I fill my head with scripture before the news or anything else.
– Following the example of The Lord’s Prayer, I first thank Him for who He is and what He’s done. Then I make my requests known to Him.
– I dedicate the day to Him and to His glory. “One day at a time” as they say in AA. “Today Lord, have Your way in my life. Help me to lead a holy life… today.”
– I confess my sins. I don’t try to minimize them. Then I receive His forgiveness.
Well it doesn’t hurt to have a good start to the day. Things may not go as I planned, but at least I started right.
– at least once during the day I stop what I’m doing, bow my head before Him and reiterate my commitment to doing things His way rather than mine.
The days that I forget or cut short my time with The Lord never seem to go as well.
Honouring God in the little things we do …is never in vain.

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