Honouring The Bride

When we pray, God hears us no matter where we are or what we are doing. But think about it, which is more honouring to Him, praying while sitting on the toilet, or kneeling before an awesome God? It may seem trivial but I believe God appreciates every effort we make to honour Him.
When we are late for an appointment, we dishonour the person or people we are meeting. Our actions are saying that our schedule is more important than anyone else’s. Public reading of God’s holy scriptures without intonation, enthusiasm and colour, is doing them a great disservice and is dishonouring the author.
For a pastor to show up late or ill prepared dishonours the entire congregation, and brings shame to himself. A good service needs structure and order and It’s up to the pastor or whoever is leading to provide these ingredients. Without them the congregation will feel insecure. “Well, we’ll just let the Holy Spirit lead us.” No you’re not. You’re just too lazy to take the time to be properly prepared. What’s wrong with asking the Holy Spirit to guide our preparations? Unpreparedness and lack of personal discipline when leading God’s people dishonours The Bride of Christ, and does not bless God even in the slightest.

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