The Loose Cannon

My friend is a maverick in every thing he does. I’ve known him for more than 40 years and watched his lifestyle and character exemplify uniqueness. Most people don’t realize that God has given him an amazing prophetic gift. I’ve watched him give a prophetic word that was so powerful and accurate that it brought tears to my eyes.
I’ve known many prophetic people who were unquestionably gifted, but have been relegated to fringe status and not taken seriously. Their credibility is questionable because they have no supportive context. God arranged prophets to function in conjunction with His church along side the apostles. When they submit to church government, it’s like a safety net for them and for the people they minister to. Tragically many prophets have dissed the church and disqualified themselves from their full potential. The voice crying in the wilderness, the lone wolf complex, it has a certain martyr appeal. In contrast, the new covenant prophet is connected and functioning as part of the church body. Being stubbornly independent is immaturity, and a dangerous characteristic that limits their effectiveness and usefulness to the body of Christ. A connected prophet’s words are more to be trusted because they are tried and tempered. There is a confidence that their words are closer to the whole council of God rather than just one man’s opinion. It is too easy to mix God’s words with personal bias’s, agendas or pet peeves.
The old covenant prophet exemplified by John the Baptist was fiercely independent in appearance and deed. His character is now mimicked but few are willing to pay the price he payed. The rest of the NT prophets spoke to people for their upbuilding, encouragement and consolation (1 Corinthians 14:2,3). It’s too easy to beak off with opinions, then try to convince people it was God’s word. We forget that we are not God. We take our opinions far too seriously when we try to manipulate in an effort to be heard.

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