The Backwards Cat

I met a young man who was restless, angry, and without any real peace in his heart. It showed whenever someone rubbed him the wrong way, he would become difficult and bristly like a cantankerous old man. He struggled and had issues with anyone who crossed his will. I wondered how he ever managed to keep his marriage intact. Believe it or not, he professes a faith in Jesus Christ and is an active member in a Christian church. So why does this fellow struggle so with everyone? Bob Mumford used to use the illustration of stroking a cat the wrong way. Apparently that means tail to head. He said to the cat “if you don’t like it, turn around.” We wonder why life is always so difficult. Why it feels like we are swimming upstream against the current. The answer is to turn around. The bible uses an unpopular term that nobody wants to hear these days, “Repent”
God was a way of ordering our lives which is drastically different from the way we think our lives should be lived. Trouble is He knows what He’s doing and we really don’t have a clue! We muddle our way through life and make the best of it, but a lot is left to chance.
Jesus said “come to me and I will give you rest.” This includes rest from vexation of life caused by struggling to do things your way.
Someone once said “Our need for rest serves to remind us that we are not God, and that He can run the earth quite nicely without us.”

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