Christian Dogmatism

Calvinists and Arminians hold opposite views on scriptures that could be interpreted in either direction. In order to be dogmatic about either viewpoint, one would have to disregard a lot of other scriptures.
I can remember going to my pastor almost 50 years ago, as a young believer zealous for a newfound biblical truth. I asked him what he thought of the issue of eternal security, and which direction was correct. I’m sure he sensed my combative manner as he wisely explained how the scriptures teach both. No doubt he personally believed one position more than the other, but potential for dissension caused by dogmatism over a “non essential of the faith” compelled him to defer the matter. Years later, after countless hours of rehashing the issue, I’m convinced that God did not intend us to be able to button down all that he chose to be ambiguous.
A good marriage counsellor’s rule of thumb also applies here. “A story always sounds good until you hear the other side.” Yes, you can have all the pointed scriptures at hand to support your argument, but oddly enough, the other side also has convincing scriptures to back up their side.
Dogmatism only serves to separate the saints, and is generally caused by human pride. Nobody likes to be wrong, but before Almighty God, all men are wrong. Revelation of “right” comes from His Holy Spirit, and not just from book learning. With Christian maturity, comes assurance that you are both right about essentials of the faith, and also possibly wrong about any non essentials. Dogmatism says you can be right about everything, which is contrasted by a liberal mindset, that says we are never sure about anything. I don’t believe God intended us to be spineless cowards, not taking a stand on anything for fear of being politically incorrect.
I’ve raised five sons, and now have a fair understanding of the progression of wisdom with age. It seems that the peak of all human wisdom and understanding is at about 16 years of age, diminishing thereafter. Truthfully, dogmatism is much the same, it’s just plain immaturity. The audacity to think one’s particular brand of biblical interpretation is the only correct one, stems purely out of human pride.
I see my opinion as more correct than yours, therefore yours must be wrong. Of course I can’t fellowship with anyone holding a biblical interpretation that is in my mind, incorrect.
…and so goes the division of the saints.

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