Peace With God

Peace with God is not a euphoric state of bliss, where we are elevated above our circumstances. It’s the deep knowing we are resting from doing things our way, and in spite of our circumstances, doing the right thing and feeling His pleasure in it.
Recently I struggled with an issue that robbed me of my peace. So much so that I began to rehearse my rights in my mind. When I finally said ok God, you tell me what to do and I’ll do it, I was faced with the decision of obeying Him or not. Actually I asked him for a long time, but got no response. It had to be a rhetorical question, a resignation that whatever He would ask me to do, I would do it. If that wasn’t enough, as though God knew I might still back out, it wasn’t till after I actually DID what I said I was going to do that His peace came. The weight of a seemingly impossible situation was lifted from my shoulders, and placed on the only one totally capable of resolving any situation. Why I ever doubted it I don’t know.

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