Subliminal Advertising

Of course I’d rather use the deodorant that transforms me into a virile hunk of masculinity than the one that just smells like flowers. That deodorant is sold to us on a basis of our sexual desires. At the age of 67, any sexual desires I have are restricted to my wife, so they attempt to arouse an artificial worldly desire in me that makes me want to be magnetic to every bimbo on the beach. If I spray that stuff on my armpits, will that really happen to me? It conjures images of voluptuous amazons leaping over logs on the beach, crazed by the smell of a Pandora’s box of essence, inadvertently opened by a skinny nerd. Well of course nothing like that will happen, but subconsciously I feel there must be a chance of something remotely similar occurring. There must be, because I saw it on TV, and TV ads never lie. The other brand has a zero % chance of anything like that ever happening otherwise they would have said so. Subliminal advertising has worked it’s charm. I will instinctively buy the first brand, not really knowing why.

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