Organic Hunting

I read a newspaper article about the resurgence of young hunters. Apparently because its the only way to be assured that your meat is free range, non GMO, organic, killed humanly, lean, sustainable and not pumped full of chemicals. (Did I miss any environmental catch words?) Gosh, us hunters have been saying how good wild game is for years. In a time when being a vegan seems to be the latest fad, when owning a gun automatically makes you a mass killer, the trendy are taking up hunting? I can see it now, hipsters, goths, hippies and skaters leaving their celery sticks behind and roaming the woods with guns, looking for something organic to kill. Oh please no. I’d prefer that they’d stick to their tree hugging redundancy, and not ruin a perfectly good sport by making it politically correct to hunt. Otherwise us hunters might cross the line and take up eating tofu in spite.

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