Christian Rights.

When asked why He was eating with sinners, Jesus replied
“I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.
I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” Matt. 9:13
This is in direct contrast to how our human nature functions. But then, virtually every instruction He gave us runs completely contrary to how we naturally do things. Our struggle with God is always our refusal to accept His way over ours. Peace with God is only granted so long as we are doing things His way. Few men are completely comfortable with their own skin in His presence.
Jesus lived in brutal times, when mercy was practiced only by the weak. When religious gesturing was culturally acceptable, and when anything deemed as a threat to the status quo was crushed. All so very similar to the current situation we live under. Today, Jesus comes for sinners, for broken and hurting people, for those ravaged by satan. He requires us to show them mercy, not token sacrifices of our time or money. Showing mercy is a messy costly business. People don’t always change as we would like them to. To show mercy is to give, not expecting anything in return. My dad used to say “people won’t walk on you unless you lie down.” He meant it to say don’t be weak and let people take advantage of you. Jesus called us to be weak for His sake, and to let others take advantage of that weakness without fighting back or defending ourselves.
Why then has God given us such strong emotions regarding injustice? Those feelings are to be directed at injustices done to others, never to defend ourselves against them. When we make a commitment to identify with Christ, we have chosen to forfeit the right to defend ourselves. Our reputation, our honour, our pride, our dignity, our right to be right, all are laid at the feet of Christ, never to be taken back. He is a mighty defender of those who do not take up their own defence, but rely on His.