Preppers: when the SHTF

Fear of what will happen when the SHTF was the main reason this group started, although I suspect most of them just like the lifestyle associated with it. Preppers tend to be non conformist and isolationist in nature. Fear of what would happen if the electrical grid shuts down, has fueled a shift to alternative energy, in particular solar energy. Fear that when the economy collapses, the grocery stores will be stripped bare is motivation to grow your own and create survival hoards of food and water. Fear of widespread anarchy, and others forcibly gaining access to their food storage, has prompted a surge in weapon sales.
A growing number of preppers are Christians, as they are vulnerable to multi level marketing scams, get rich quick schemes, and apocalyptic preparedness.
I have 4 main concerns about Christian preppers, that I’ve yet to see anyone address.
1./ prepping is based on fear of what will happen when the SHTF. The bible tells us that it’s going to happen at some point. It also tells us how to prepare for it, non of which is standard prepper fare.
2./ We are repeatedly instructed in the scriptures, not to be motivated by fear, rather trust in Him.
3./ our defense is God, not the arm of the flesh. Arming ourselves for the purpose of shooting trespassers doesn’t sound very biblical.
4./ nowhere in the preppers websites do I see anyone reaching out to others. It’s a totally self centered mindset, contrary to our scriptural mandate.
Our farm is the preppers dream setup, and it would be easy for us to focus on our families needs. We would miss an opportunity to serve the community as the economy worsens. If we are giving freely as God provides, there should be no need to defend what we have with weapons. We are called to lay down our lives for His sake.
The very premise of the prepper movement is anti Christian.

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