A Special Time

It’s not in vain that we seek Him, that we find ways of honoring Him with our time. I’m free to pray anytime of the day, but I can choose a special time that has no interruptions, what we refer to as “quality time”. to be in His presence. Quality time is a focused time. A time in which we don’t answer the cell phone, one that we purpose to put aside the cares and worries of the day. When I’m sharing an intimate time with my wife, I’m focused on her, she has my undivided attention. So should it be with The Lord Jesus. Anything less is dishonoring of Him.
I remember watching a young man leading the music in a church worship service. Playing guitar, singing, and chewing a wad of gum at the same time was multitasking one to many chores. I felt like telling him to grow up and spit it out. When I was young, I wouldn’t dream of wearing a hat in church out of respect for God. Now it’s common to see guys defiantly wearing a baseball hat or a tuque.
Even posture is important. Sure I can be sitting on the toilet when I pray, but it’s not very honoring is it? There’s something special about bowing my head or kneeling before the Savior, that seems so much more appropriate.
What should I say to Him?
For starters I can thank Him for who He is. The almighty God, a gracious and forgiving Father, a willing Savior.
This is a time that shouldn’t be rushed . . .
This is time well spent as He dwells in the praises of His people.
Then I can make my requests known to Him.
Confess what I did wrong in the past day and receive His forgiveness.
Finish by committing to do whatever He asks of me today.

Sounds fairly straightforward doesn’t it? Well it is. God made coming to Him simple enough for a child to understand, yet too hard for busy, self important people.

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