Eco Guilt

Sustainability is a choice, just as recycling, eating vegetarian, or choosing organic is. It does not make a person any better or worse than the next guy. To make someone feel guilty because they don’t share your convictions, is at best immature, and at worst, manipulative and controlling.
Sustainability is the latest fad fear mongers have used on idealists. Fear of depending on the grid for electricity, or being enslaved to resources that will someday run out, demonizes vast industries that were built to advance us beyond the horse and buggy age. It’s a reaction against progress, and not a very well though out one at that. Sure we should conserve energy whenever possible, but our entire society is built on its use, and I don’t believe withdrawing from that society is beneficial to anyone.
Last night I read about a city that was touted as the first 100% sustainable city in the world. But like the vegan that wears a leather belt or shoes, they have a blind spot to their own hypocrisy. What happens when their solar panels wear out? They have to send their money to China’s sweat shops to purchase new ones. They’re not really sustainable at all, but reliant on another’s compromise to fulfill their ideology.
It’s their weakness when they feel they must guilt manipulate to further their cause. It would be their strength if they could silently demonstrate a better way.

One thought on “Eco Guilt

  1. Just as relying on our fragile economy to keep supporting you is foolish, so expecting a continually exploited environment to continue pumping out food, homes, and junk to the masses at its current rate is pure foolishness. You ignore the tenuous state of our entire manufacturing and production sector to your own peril. A cursory look at our current consumption should chill you with the realization that in perhaps only a few decades if nothing changes we may very well be facing massive shortages and the crash of the entire system. You can only leverage the environment so far for our own gain. God designed it to produce everything humans need to thrive bountifully… but I dare say I very much doubt that his blessing rests on the wastefulness and gross overproduction, exploitation, and greed that represents how the majority of the developed world is approaching use of resources in this age. Despite much effort by individuals over the last century who have foreseen the coming calamitous collapse, the majority of the public only subscribes to the environmental fad for the sake of political correctness and perhaps simply to belong to something… but are not particularly willing to make any difficult lifestyle changes. This is a tragedy of laziness and greed… But what is equally a tragedy is folks such as yourself who rightly respond negatively to the environmental fad, but allow the stupidity of the fad to be your scapegoat, thus absolving you of the responsibility for an honest look at how you yourself are greedy for more stuff, love money too much to pay more for your food, and are too lazy to give up any of the comforts of life.
    Sometimes a guilt-trip is in order.

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