Preppers: when the SHTF

Fear of what will happen when the SHTF was the main reason this group started, although I suspect most of them just like the lifestyle associated with it. Preppers tend to be non conformist and isolationist in nature. Fear of what would happen if the electrical grid shuts down, has fueled a shift to alternative energy, in particular solar energy. Fear that when the economy collapses, the grocery stores will be stripped bare is motivation to grow your own and create survival hoards of food and water. Fear of widespread anarchy, and others forcibly gaining access to their food storage, has prompted a surge in weapon sales.
A growing number of preppers are Christians, as they are vulnerable to multi level marketing scams, get rich quick schemes, and apocalyptic preparedness.
I have 4 main concerns about Christian preppers, that I’ve yet to see anyone address.
1./ prepping is based on fear of what will happen when the SHTF. The bible tells us that it’s going to happen at some point. It also tells us how to prepare for it, non of which is standard prepper fare.
2./ We are repeatedly instructed in the scriptures, not to be motivated by fear, rather trust in Him.
3./ our defense is God, not the arm of the flesh. Arming ourselves for the purpose of shooting trespassers doesn’t sound very biblical.
4./ nowhere in the preppers websites do I see anyone reaching out to others. It’s a totally self centered mindset, contrary to our scriptural mandate.
Our farm is the preppers dream setup, and it would be easy for us to focus on our families needs. We would miss an opportunity to serve the community as the economy worsens. If we are giving freely as God provides, there should be no need to defend what we have with weapons. We are called to lay down our lives for His sake.
The very premise of the prepper movement is anti Christian.

A Special Time

It’s not in vain that we seek Him, that we find ways of honoring Him with our time. I’m free to pray anytime of the day, but I can choose a special time that has no interruptions, what we refer to as “quality time”. to be in His presence. Quality time is a focused time. A time in which we don’t answer the cell phone, one that we purpose to put aside the cares and worries of the day. When I’m sharing an intimate time with my wife, I’m focused on her, she has my undivided attention. So should it be with The Lord Jesus. Anything less is dishonoring of Him.
I remember watching a young man leading the music in a church worship service. Playing guitar, singing, and chewing a wad of gum at the same time was multitasking one to many chores. I felt like telling him to grow up and spit it out. When I was young, I wouldn’t dream of wearing a hat in church out of respect for God. Now it’s common to see guys defiantly wearing a baseball hat or a tuque.
Even posture is important. Sure I can be sitting on the toilet when I pray, but it’s not very honoring is it? There’s something special about bowing my head or kneeling before the Savior, that seems so much more appropriate.
What should I say to Him?
For starters I can thank Him for who He is. The almighty God, a gracious and forgiving Father, a willing Savior.
This is a time that shouldn’t be rushed . . .
This is time well spent as He dwells in the praises of His people.
Then I can make my requests known to Him.
Confess what I did wrong in the past day and receive His forgiveness.
Finish by committing to do whatever He asks of me today.

Sounds fairly straightforward doesn’t it? Well it is. God made coming to Him simple enough for a child to understand, yet too hard for busy, self important people.

Eco Guilt

Sustainability is a choice, just as recycling, eating vegetarian, or choosing organic is. It does not make a person any better or worse than the next guy. To make someone feel guilty because they don’t share your convictions, is at best immature, and at worst, manipulative and controlling.
Sustainability is the latest fad fear mongers have used on idealists. Fear of depending on the grid for electricity, or being enslaved to resources that will someday run out, demonizes vast industries that were built to advance us beyond the horse and buggy age. It’s a reaction against progress, and not a very well though out one at that. Sure we should conserve energy whenever possible, but our entire society is built on its use, and I don’t believe withdrawing from that society is beneficial to anyone.
Last night I read about a city that was touted as the first 100% sustainable city in the world. But like the vegan that wears a leather belt or shoes, they have a blind spot to their own hypocrisy. What happens when their solar panels wear out? They have to send their money to China’s sweat shops to purchase new ones. They’re not really sustainable at all, but reliant on another’s compromise to fulfill their ideology.
It’s their weakness when they feel they must guilt manipulate to further their cause. It would be their strength if they could silently demonstrate a better way.

Hidden Reefs

Many years ago I had an old speed boat that I loved to race around the gulf islands in. There was such a feeling of freedom, cruising from island to island with no roads to restrict me. However, my nice little boat had a fatal flaw. It had an old relic of a depth sounder, that could hardly be trusted for any serious navigation. In my inexperience, I trusted my eyes and intuition to look out for navigational hazards. This works fine when you are in a kayak or a row boat, but flying along at 40 kms per hour in a fiberglass hulled craft requires one to be more aware of what lies beneath the surface.
So here I was, enjoying the sun, minding my own business, cruising along about 300 meters off shore. Kaboom. It was a good thing I was only going 1/4 throttle or I would have been swimming. Beneath my now stuck hull was a hidden reef. After half an hour of wrestling with an oar, I was lucky enough to have the incoming tide take mercy on me and release my bruised little craft from the the clutches of this under water monster. How could it be that there was a reef out here a long ways from shore? To add insult to injury, I noticed that people were watching the whole spectacle through their binoculars from the safety of their summer cottage sun decks. They were probably laughing at this idiot who didn’t check his charts for the reef. A little wiser now, my next floating purchase was immediately outfitted with the latest and greatest electronic gizmos. It seems it’s as important to know what’s under the waves as what’s on top of them.
I was reading the scripture in Jude, where it describes some people as hidden reefs. I immediately thought it’s important to know who they are, because they can sink you. They are sinners who shamelessly join our fellowships without thought of consequence. In another time, in Acts 5:13, out of the fear of God, those people didn’t join them. Where have we gone wrong that God’s presence in our churches is not evident enough to convict sinners? One of the most dangerous hidden reefs are described in Jude as malcontents. They are often one time Christian, but offended and now displaying their bitterness towards the church. They say they don’t have a problem with God, just some Christians. Perhaps they were unaware that in a very real sense, the church is the embodiment of Christ himself.
When questioned about Christians, Ghandi was quoted as saying he liked God, he just didn’t like some of His people.
To have a problem with His people, is to have a problem with Him. The problem with God is that He thinks He’s God. Anyone who has a problem with that, will run into a few obstacles in life.

Jude 1:12 These are hidden reefs at your love feasts, as they feast with you without fear, shepherds feeding themselves; waterless clouds, swept along by winds; fruitless trees in late autumn, twice dead, uprooted;
13 wild waves of the sea, casting up the foam of their own shame; wandering stars, for whom the gloom of utter darkness has been reserved forever.