Last Night I Made Chili

I get to use up all the leftovers in it, and a whole lot of hot sauce. This time I used a can of organic tomato sauce, a cup of dried mushrooms, 4 roasted garlics, a fried yam cubed, some leftover rice and meat balls, and quarter a bottle of mystery hot sauce that was kick’n around in the fridge for a while. I call it chili, but that’s just a generic term I use for a thrown together meal. Trouble is, it takes on the flavor of the most predominant ingredient. That hot sauce was smok’n hot and it over powered everything else.
The loudest voice often wins, even if it represents a minority. If it’s heard long enough and loud enough, people begin to believe it as fate accompli. Take the gay lobby for example. I didn’t know the hot sauce was going to spoil the chili. The meal really would have been better off without it.

The Warp Speed Button

Tonight around the campfire, I leaned back in my lawn chair, and had a good long look at the stars. Often I look at them but just a fleeting glance. Tonight I fixed my gaze on the celestial heavens for a long time, reflecting on the magnitude of what was above me. If every star represented a grain of sand, how large of a pail would you need to contain them all? Trick question. Actually there are more stars in the sky than all the sand in the world. Last time I was in Mexico, I was on a gorgeous beach that stretched as far as the eye could see, with not a soul on it. The coral sand was white as a sheet, and fine as dust. A bucket of it would have a kazillion grains of sand. It’s totally beyond my comprehension how much sand is on that beach, let alone all the beaches in the world.
Another interesting fact… If you could take the fastest rocket in the world, and instal a warp speed button that would make it travel at the speed of light. (Only in a Trekkies dreams) Then head off for the closest star beyond our galaxy. How long would it take to get there? It’s called Proxima Centauri, and it would take 4.22 light years just to get there, fill up with gas, have lunch, and take another 4.22 light years to get back home. So much for space travel and exploration!
The scriptures say that God created the heavens in a day. Out of nothing!! That’s mind boggling. What a great God we serve.
Lord, today I’m grateful for You. Let me never be ashamed to speak of Your greatness.