Religious Wars

The age old argument that religion is the cause of all wars is a scape goat to be anti religious. Actually, by definition, all men are religious. Whether it be a god of someone’s imagination or one of their making, the god of science, the god of paganism, or the real God, everyone worships something or someone.
In the past three centuries, wars and atrocities have scaled up their effectiveness, being more efficient at killing larger numbers of people as we increasingly turn to the most brutal religion of all, secular humanism. The evolutionary belief in survival of the fittest has brought out the most evil of all human behavior …ever.
When you think of the French Revolution, Napoleon’s campaigns, the American Civil War, the First World War, Stalin’s purges, the genocide of Armenians, the Second World War, the Holocaust, and the Vietnam War, they can all be attributed to humanistic reasoning.
The very worst was Mao Tse Tung’s cultural revolution, in which more of Mao’s own citizens were systematically slaughtered in peace time, than in all the world’s wars put together since the beginning of history.
Christ, by contrast, taught men to love one another as God first loved us, at a time when Roman survival of the the fittest, was the most blatant.
It’s time we saw humanism for what it really is, how utterly devastating it can be, and turn to the one true God, before we destroy one another.

2 thoughts on “Religious Wars

  1. A religion can be any set of beliefs that a person or group subscribes to. Religion doesn’t require a supreme being. And yes, the word worship is a totally fitting word choice for the reverence and devotion with which many humanists treat their pet ideologies, money, human ability, and especially scientific pursuit. In fact “nonreligious” people everywhere seem to be flocking to popular “science” in hordes these days… as if our constantly changing scientific discoveries are worthy of adulation. Evolution has been turned into the keystone theology of secular humanism, necessitating massive blind faith in the claims of evolutionary science, coercion and ridicule of the doubting, and romanticizing of the less believable aspects. The reason evolutionary belief makes secular humanism the most brutal of all religions is because the honest humanist who believes in evolution (with this I include associated secular theories of origins of the universe), must eventually conclude that humans have no intrinsic value and can therefore be treated ruthlessly by those in power with no fear of eternal consequence. Why care about anyone, or anything for that matter, when in fact everything is just here by chance and has no purpose whatsoever in the bigger picture.

  2. I would be interested to hear the definition of religion you are using to classify all men as religious. Words like “worship” and “evolutionary belief” are being used out of context here.

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