Losing Control

When someone becomes a Christian, they relinquish all rights to control. This issue eventually comes up with every Christian that is truly seeking God’s will for their lives. It should come as no surprise when our will is crossed, or when things don’t go as planned, or when things seem unbearably difficult. It’s not that God doesn’t care, or even that the devil cares too much. It’s just part of the turf, and we might as well get used to it, because they are going to get a lot harder. Real Christianity is all about suffering. It’s an artificial faith that avoids suffering at all costs. The prosperity gospel works fine in parts of the US and even Canada, where they have had relative peace. At least until now. For the rest of the world it’s a mirage. The frequency and ferocity of persecution is unprecedented in history, but goes largely unreported by western press.
I believe there is soon coming a time, when persecution will come to our shores. Those not accustomed to losing control to a loving father God, who cares for us, will not stand in the day of persecution. They will leave the faith in droves as their theology does not prepare them for opposition.
Last week, I was ridiculed for speaking the truth about my faith by some ex Christians. I wasn’t tortured, or have my property confiscated. My children weren’t butchered in front of me. My family didn’t disown me. Giving up our reputation and our comfort is necessary to enter his rest as spoken of in Hebrews 4.
A dear friend who has been a Christian for some time now, is a very controlled person. All aspects of his life are regimented and orderly. A situation recently occurred in which he lost his grip on that control. I trust that he will find God’s grace and be able to find rest in trusting his Savior, and letting things go.

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