The future

What does the future look like for my children and grandchildren?
Will they know the same level of peace that I have enjoyed and taken for granted?
The future looks so tenuous and fragile.

What does a 3rd world country look like?

1./ rampant inflation.
Every day goods are priced out of reach of common people.

2./ Businesses and homes have bars on all the windows as anarchy reigns.

3./ Unemployment becomes the occupational norm.

4./ The government has dictator like powers.

5./ Personal freedoms and rights are stripped away.

6./ People become slaves within their own country as foreign owners pillage the natural resources.

7./ Fear and hopelessness fills the hearts of the people.

When God removes His presence and hand of blessing, when the people refuse to repent, the devil has free reign to ravish the country. You will know this has begun when fear begins to replace the peace we have enjoyed for so many years.

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