The Boy

I watched a utube of a TV talent show where a young man was competing. His style was Goth, he was noticeably over weight, and had long black hair parted on the side and covering his face so he had to constantly flick it back. He reminded me of a kid that played video games all day, stopping only to stuff his face with junk food. He was painfully shy, effeminate, and acted girlish. When he opened his mouth to sing, out came an operatic woman’s voice. The audience cheered wildly and the judges gushed praise that he would be so brave to go on national TV in spite of his extreme shyness and obvious gender confusion.
Here was a very bound individual, who obviously never had a real father figure in his life. He was extremely handicapped in life’s most basic skills. His confidence and sexual identity were seriously compromised. Contrary to popular belief, shyness is not an attribute or a godly characteristic in a man, but part of his fallen nature. I can understand why God commends a blessing on anyone who shows kindness to the fatherless, and endeavors to save them from a fate such as this. The audiences response was so predictably politically correct.
Here was a disgusting display of everything gone wrong with manhood. How far have we strayed from the truth, that we would think it was ok. Where are the men who could have fathered a boy like him, and saved him from being so deceived. The fact that he ended up like this is a stinging inditement of the failure of the men who have allowed such a perversity to exist in our society.

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