A few months ago I had breakfast with 3 men that have become close friends over the last 45 years. For many years we met for breakfast once a week and discussed our common interests as Christian business owners. We would pray for and support each other through many of life’s trials. I have developed a deep respect for the opinions and integrity of these three men. It’s been many years since we’ve met regularly, but I still think fondly of our times together.
Recently, one of them had a stroke and developed dementia, sometimes forgetting one end of the conversation from the other. We were able to minister encouragement to him in a way that no one else could. I was overwhelmed by the the degree of care God has for him as he openly shared about his struggles.
I have another friend who has dementia but is in denial about his condition, even though his illness is obvious to everyone around him. What a difference it makes, when we are transparent and open with others about the difficulties we face. Being vulnerable is a lifetime learned skill. It’s like opening a covered wound to the sunlight for healing.
A close fellowship between men where you can be vulnerable, is a gift of God that few share in. It is far more valuable than a multitude of casual relationships.

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