Celebrate Recovery

To say that we need God is an understatement. Our addiction to sin is a far more powerful force than any of us can imagine. Until we’ve been face to face with our powerlessness against it’s control over our lives, we will never truly appreciate how much we really do need God. The drug addict or alcoholic who’s been to the end of his rope, has a marked advantage over someone who’s always been a Christian and has never been fully aware of his sinful nature. The fact is we are born rotten to the core, and we all need a savior.
At Alcoholics Anonymous, one of the steps in the 12 step program confronts us with a need for a higher power. The problem is they leave you hanging, never stating who he is. Just some cosmic force or fate controlled by who knows what or who. I like the group called Celebrate Recovery because they put a name to the higher power. His name is Jesus Christ. Depending on Him is not a crutch, as some would call it. Just try to not sin for just one day, see how far you get. I’ve been faced with my own humanity, and understood the depth of depravity we are all capable of, and believe me it’s true, every one of us needs a savior. Our human nature is to feel we are strong enough to combat our sin nature. As long as we believe that lie of satan, we will never experience the fullness of Christ.
Last week at CR, I was looking around the room and noticed that they were an eclectic lot, mostly socially inept, and unusual in some way. Everyone had been faced with addictions, mental issues, hurts or hang ups of some kind. Funny thing is I felt very much at home there. More comfortable than in a room full of nice cleaned up Christians. There was a real sense of knowing they are in need of a savior and a desperate brokenness that is close to the heart of God. In that situation it was easy to enter in to God’s presence when we sang some hymns. It was like The Holy Spirit was hovering close by, just barely beneath the surface. In contrast to a complacent church meeting where the music is dusty dry. Like trying to pump up a tire that has a big hole in it. A place where The Holy Spirit seems far away ….Because He is.

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