The Free Car

I once advertised an old car on Craig’s List. It was in good running order but had some rust and a few minor quirks. Probably not worth more than a few hundred bucks. There were lots of them advertised and I couldn’t be bothered haggling with lowballers.
“Free car. Send an email stating why I should give it to you. Best story gets the car.”
I received about 100 emails in one week then gave it away. Some of the bleeding heart stories I got would make you sick.

~ My boyfriend won’t get off the couch so I have to get to work and support our kids.
~ Got laid off last summer, I need to start looking for a job because my girl friend’s pregnant.
~ I’ve got 3 children that my mom looks after. The bus takes too long, the mall where I work is 3 miles away.
~ I’ll only take it if it doesn’t need any repairs. I’m not working and can’t afford them.
~ I need a car because I have to get up at 7 in the morning to take the bus to work.
~ Does it come with insurance? I can’t afford to buy a car and pay insurance.
~ How many miles per gallon does it get? I only want a car that’s cheap to run.
~ What’s wrong with it? There must be some scam involved if you’re giving it away.
~ People like you are sick. Making people grovel to get a car. You should be ashamed of yourself.
~I can’t afford to fix my old car and I really need transportation.
~It’s so hard living in Vancouver without wheels.
~I think it’s despicable that you are forcing poor people to beg to you for a car. You are calloused and uncaring of their dire situations.
These are paraphrases of actual responses. Incredibly, I got the most responses similar to the single mother with a deadbeat boyfriend story.
I gave it to a fellow who was going to clean it up, sell it, and give the money to someone truly in need.
The sense of entitlement runs deep in our society. I think we’re inline for a rude awakening, sooner than we think.

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