The Choice

All churches in the western culture will be faced with the decision of affirming gays or not. There will be no middle ground as the pressure is increasing to publicly make that decision and declare which side of the fence they are on.
Those who affirm gays, are saying god loves them and doesn’t take issue with their behavior. All the scriptures condemning homosexuality as an abomination to God, a detestable vile behavior, and a product of a depraved mind, are viewed subjectively and no longer relevant to a modern inclusive church. Two thousand of years of church orthodoxy based on sound scriptural principles and edicts, are subject to the scrutiny of the new “Emerging Church” philosophy. One based on human logic of how a kind, loving god should behave towards sin and sinners. A nice, new, inclusive god, who smiles at human weakness, and has changed his mind about all the horrible things he said about homosexuals in the bible.
The “not” side bears the burden of proof, that their archaic belief in a wrathful God, who views all sinners as needing to repent and turn to Jesus for salvation, has not changed to meet the demands of the current western society. That their unreasonable requirement of holiness in The Church should be so intolerant of the poor unfortunate gay who was born that way.
Clearly, any intelligent person would understand that the very nature of god is love and tolerance. It is inconceivable that people would still believe the wrathful God of the Old Testament.
Taking the bible literally is an unintelligent decision in light of new enlightenment of god’s true nature. It’s difficult to take Christians seriously, who take a book literally, that was meant to be taken allegorically. After all, god gave us sentiments and feelings, and of course they are a reliable way of interpreting scripture and determining right from wrong …….aren’t they?

The Free Car

I once advertised an old car on Craig’s List. It was in good running order but had some rust and a few minor quirks. Probably not worth more than a few hundred bucks. There were lots of them advertised and I couldn’t be bothered haggling with lowballers.
“Free car. Send an email stating why I should give it to you. Best story gets the car.”
I received about 100 emails in one week then gave it away. Some of the bleeding heart stories I got would make you sick.

~ My boyfriend won’t get off the couch so I have to get to work and support our kids.
~ Got laid off last summer, I need to start looking for a job because my girl friend’s pregnant.
~ I’ve got 3 children that my mom looks after. The bus takes too long, the mall where I work is 3 miles away.
~ I’ll only take it if it doesn’t need any repairs. I’m not working and can’t afford them.
~ I need a car because I have to get up at 7 in the morning to take the bus to work.
~ Does it come with insurance? I can’t afford to buy a car and pay insurance.
~ How many miles per gallon does it get? I only want a car that’s cheap to run.
~ What’s wrong with it? There must be some scam involved if you’re giving it away.
~ People like you are sick. Making people grovel to get a car. You should be ashamed of yourself.
~I can’t afford to fix my old car and I really need transportation.
~It’s so hard living in Vancouver without wheels.
~I think it’s despicable that you are forcing poor people to beg to you for a car. You are calloused and uncaring of their dire situations.
These are paraphrases of actual responses. Incredibly, I got the most responses similar to the single mother with a deadbeat boyfriend story.
I gave it to a fellow who was going to clean it up, sell it, and give the money to someone truly in need.
The sense of entitlement runs deep in our society. I think we’re inline for a rude awakening, sooner than we think.