Joel Oeteen

Many years ago I visited the Lakewood church in Texas, when Joel’s father was still in charge. I was impressed with the care and support they gave to hundreds of foreign missionaries. I thought they were a bit flashy and man centered, but it never occurred to me the depth of deception to which they were already headed.
Recently I watched an old video of one of Oprah’s interviews with Joel where he had the audience stand and repeat some empowering phrases. They were visibly moved as they chanted nice humanistic catch lines.
I am talented and gifted.
I will overcome my difficulties.
There is nothing I can’t accomplish.
I am destined for great things.
I couldn’t help thinking, of what a real Christian would have the audience chant.
There is no good in my flesh
I am not capable of overcoming on my own strength.
Without Christ, I am nothing.
In Christ alone do I put my confidence.
This god of humanism, places a lot of confidence on the inherent goodness of man. Biblical Christianity places no confidence in human flesh, but ultimate trust in Christ.
Church, by biblical definition is the bride of Christ, who’s wholly dedicated to Him. When she changes her allegiance, and follows other gods, the bible describes her as… a whore.