The Obituary

I read the obituaries in the local newspaper regularly. I find it interesting what is said about a persons life. Golf usually occupies the top spot, fishing, time traveling, etc. Others just lists family, friends and what took their lives. The most interesting ones tell about their military involvement and career accomplishments.
I wonder what people will write about me when I die.
Had a stack of businesses, spent a lot of time on his boat, died a cynical old man.
Or… Lived life to the glory of God fearlessly and with no regrets.
My hope is that my obituary will read more like the latter.
I retired 5 years ago, but I still go to work every day. What’s a fellow to do, hang around the house and get in the wife’s hair? I hang around the shop, fix things, and help establish my son as he takes over the family business.
People expect that I would take it easy and enjoy life. I’m wondering what that means, was I not enjoying life before? Is work really that much of an unenjoyable experience that it must be escaped from?
I remember the feeling of satisfaction after working physically hard all day. I’m too old to do much of that now and yes, I have slowed down, but I am not ready to be put out to pasture like an old horse yet. Retirement can be very unfulfilling if your biggest goal is to play a lot of golf, travel, or a myriad of other self centered goals. It’s so important to enter retirement with a purpose greater than pleasure seeking. Last week my wife and I went to Kelowna to visit some of our family. We determined that our purpose for going was to be a blessing to our children and our grandchildren. Sometimes we learn things from others failures. My parents spent their last 20 years traveling to somewhere hotter than here. What a tragic choice as their grandchildren were deprived of the stability and wisdom they could have imparted to them.
Passing on something to your offspring has lost it’s importance in our society. The race to consume all that you’ve produced before you die, is symptomatic of how self centered and godless we’ve become. What you pass on is not nessisaraly monetary. A godly heritage is of great value as long as you finish well. An evil or self centered heritage will by default be passed down and affect many generations. I thank my father for the good business sense he instilled in me, and the ability to provide an inheritance for my grandchildren. Even though he never know the Lord, he was a good man. It’s thrilling to see my children raising godly offspring. I thank God that at least I did a few things right in this life.

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