A Salient Moment

I was reading the Psalms when it struck me that there are many words we use to describe God. I wrote a few of them down and meditated on them. That week I was at a pastors conference when the speaker asked if anyone had a prophetic word, now would be a good time to share it. I came to the mike right away and said I didn’t really have a prophetic word, but I thought I would read this list to help us focus our thoughts on Him. I had this idea that I would read the list with great expression and enthusiasm to magnify The Lord. I got the first line out, then choked up. It suddenly struck me that this was the Living God that I was speaking of. I continued line by line, expressionless, pausing frequently under the weight and significance of what I was reading. Tears flowed down my face as I could barely finish what I wrote. The audience sat quietly as if to say “well, that was unimpressive, …next.” At that point I really didn’t care. It was a salient moment in which His majesty overwhelmed me.

Sovereign king
Mighty God
Gentle Father
You are pure and holy
Righteous above all others
Omnipotent and omniscient
Transcending all others
Worthy of our praise
We honor You as Lord
We bow down before You
You are the alpha and omega
The beginning and the end
You oh Lord are our source
Our all sufficiency
We praise and honor You
We magnify You
Our precious Father
Magnificence is embodied in You
High and lifted up
Seated in lofty places
Counselor, all wise God
Name above all names
Your riches are unfathomable
Your mercies too great for our understanding
You are the treasure in the field
The great I am
Lord of all Lords
King of all kings
Understanding of our weaknesses
Savior Lord
Almighty and everlasting
How can we reverence You more
We bow down before your greatness
Have Your way with us today Lord
We capitulate our will to yours
And worship You.

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