The morality of a nation determines the livability and safety it’s citizens experience. Holland has embarked on an irreversible journey that has destroyed any semblance of civilized living. 3 key legislations are the culprits.
1./ legalizing marijuana.
One in four restaurants are nothing more than pot dispensers. Its difficult to find a public place that’s not filled with intoxicating fumes. Pot is now as common there as coffee is here in our country. I’m sure this improves workers productivity as the country is already awash in debt.

2./ legalizing prostatution.
The government hoped that it could generate a substantial revenue stream by taxing prostitutes. Wrong. Apparently nobody wants to be known as a whore, and only 5% of them registered and are paying taxes. They thought by legalizing it, the associated crime rate would decrease. Wrong again. Organized crime is importing hookers from other countries to meet the demand. Holland has become Europe’s brothel as sex tourists outnumber regular tourists. Visitors would rather abuse the country’s women than look at their windmills. If that’s not enough, the pimps openly and actively solicit their young women for their sordid trade. The men must feel unbearably shameful that they have failed to provide protection for their daughters from this pressure.
3./ legalizing assisted suicide.
Holland has become a world destination for one way tourism. A cloud of death hangs over that country. Seniors are griped by fear of going into a hospital and having someone arbitrarily decide that their life should be terminated. The curse of death will never be lifted from this nation.
Some of the politicians have admitted that these legalizations were a mistake and are attempting to repeal them. Good luck. They are battling all the forces of hell.

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