Spiritual infants

We rejoice that our God has delivered us from our former way of life, but neglect what He has saved us to. The word “holiness” conjures thoughts of effort, denial, discipline, and a lot of unpleasantries to endure. It’s much more fun to celebrate the goodness of God and bask in His love forever. We sing about His holiness but how does it affect our lives? I think some of us have just plain given up on trying to be holy, and take our cues from the world’s standards. Everyone’s doing it so it must be ok, without regard for what God thinks about it. It’s the forgotten requirement of living the Christian life, yet it’s clear in the scriptures that it’s not really optional. Listen to the words of modern Christian pop music, as they articulate accurately our sentiments. “Holy holy are you lord God almighty, I’m not worthy, but You are Holy.” It’s easier to moan about how unworthy and sinful we are than to actually do something about it. Of course we aren’t holy, we all know that, but we were never intended to stay that way. I think part of the problem is that the gospel that’s preached is “come to Jesus and live happily ever after.” That’s a load of unbiblical horse feathers. Being a Christian is a lot of hard work. If you are given to laziness, try another religion, because being holy has exacting demands on our lives that involve daily discipline and rigorous denial.
It’s insulting to God, to expect Him to allow us into His presence, when we haven’t first purified ourselves. It would be like making an appointment with the prime minister, and showing up in your grubby work clothes. His assistants wouldn’t even allow you in the front door. Read psalm 24:3&4 if you don’t believe me.
Daily, we not only need to come to Him for cleansing, but we also need to ask for strength and fortitude not to continue sinning. It’s not what we believe, it’s what we do about about what we believe that counts. The devil believes all the same stuff about salvation as we do. The difference is that he chose to remain in his sinful state.
Here’s the 4 steps:
1. Belief
2. Repentance
3. Baptism
4. Sanctification
Christians who ignore the 4th step, are destined to remain spiritual infants forever. They are virtually useless for the kingdom of God here on earth. They are a constant drain on the church, as they never come to a place of victory in their lives. They continually need their diapers changed because they are always making a mess of things. Yes, we need a child like faith to come to Jesus, but after that we’re expected to grow up and mature in our faith.
Here’s a simple prayer to start your day with… Lord, thank you for the gift of salvation. You are a wonderful God and I worship you. Forgive me for sinning against you yesterday. Today, my desire is to do the right thing. To please you in every word, deed, or thought. Today, whatever the cost Lord, I submit my will to yours.

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