Rob Bell

Rob Bell, a post modern preacher and best selling author, asks a lot of questions, but offers few answers. Reminiscent of when satan said “did God really say?”
The purpose being to sow seeds of doubt in the hearts of listeners. He errs greatly when he portrays a different god to the one of the scriptures. A god of his making, that exemplifies niceness and tolerance of sin.
Post modern Christianity is not Christianity at all. It deny’s the most basic tenants of orthodoxy. Jesus Christ is reduced to nothing more than a good example to follow. God is just a benevolent deity who gives understanding winks at our humanness (read Sin). The atonement for our sin and God’s subsequent requirement of sanctification is glossed over. Any mention of personal holiness is quickly dismissed as legalism. In short, the need for a savior is redundant, because the will to deal with personal sin is replaced by a feel good, social gospel.
How quickly we forget the truth and follow such charlatans. The youth, and the feeble minded are preyed on by these wolves of destruction. The immature and weak in the faith are seduced by high sounding human logic. Many have had their simple trust in Jesus destroyed by impostors like him. In the end, they are left disgruntled with the church, and disappointed with a different gospel that goes nowhere.
Do not be deceived. A Christian cannot be too diligent in guarding his heart, and keeping his life pure before a holy God.

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