Gender Confusion

I was handing out hot chocolate at the soup line on Main Street when the guy serving juice next to me said “was that a boy, or a girl? Beats me” I said as I looked for body language clues. Later on I was thinking, if they look very feminine, pretty, and attractive, it’s probably a boy. And if they look really masculine, butchy, and mean, chances are it’s a girl.
Somewhere along the way we really got things mixed up. I remember, not too many years ago, when men were men and women were women. You never had to guess which side of the fence they’re on. Women used to make an effort to look beautiful, but now it’s almost like they are ashamed of being feminine. Men wouldn’t be caught dead wearing some of the stuff guys wear now. Pink looks great on my daughters, and on woman’s underwear, but on a man?? The idea that men need to discover their feminine side was never an issue. My feminine side’s at home, cooking dinner. Women’s fashions have gone so androgynous that you need to check the labels to see if you’re in the right side of the clothing store. The soft pastels are usually in the men’s department, while the harder shades are in the women’s side.
Last week I saw two ladies (I think) in a market, shopping for groceries. They were both chunky, dressed like men, and had hair shorter than mine. They looked at me and I think they somehow sensed that I might not approve of their lifestyle. I don’t know how, I thought I was being nice. One of them gave me a look that could freeze your blood. She looked meaner than a junk yard dog.
I raised my kids so that they were never confused about their gender. That’s one less problem in life they had to deal with.

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