The Working Woman

Of course you want a career and to make something of yourself. You can’t just sit around and do nothing. Having a family is great but to be a doormat for him and have your mind turn to mush?
But is that what you really want? The golden rule applies here. “He that has the gold makes the rules.”
Try letting him have control. Give the responsibility of the finances over to him. Let him fail. If there is any vestige of manhood in him, he will rise to the challenge. What’s he going to do about it? Is he going to man up or will he go play with his board games, toy RC helicopters, pets or some other childish time waster. That’s a sure sign that he’s given up leadership of the family. He’s allowed his wife to take charge while he retreats to redundancy.
Perhaps paternal leave would enhance his manhood. Spending a few months changing diapers while his wife goes out to earn the bacon. Isn’t that what every woman wants? A domesticated metro man that she can provide for. By going down that road, many a man has volunteered for spiritual castration, rendering himself impotent of effectiveness in his life’s vision. Speaking of castration, a gelding is a horse with his nuts chopped so that any spirit or spark in it’s demeanor would be eliminated.
What is a woman to do with her career when a baby comes along? How about giving it up in deference to a much higher calling as a career mother and home maker. Trying to juggle both career and family won’t do justice to either. With children you only get one kick at the can. Do you really want to short change your family? Of course you could always harness the potential of your husband. He could help you with all your domestic duties, freeing you up to pursue your career guilt free. Trouble is he can no more juggle career and domestic duties than you can. His competitive edge would be lost. He would become a good help meet to you. Gosh, that’s biblical!
I know a fellow who reversed the roles and stayed at home playing mr. mom, while his wife had a decent job. Now that his kids are grown, he wonders why his son curses him and and has absolutely no respect for him. To come to think of it, nobody else has much respect for the guy either. He’s an unman, a gelding, a soft neutered nice guy that nobody listens to.
A partnership? Yes but someone still has to steer the ship, and someone else has to nurture the family. I don’t believe they can be the same person. Your real fulfillment will come in serving his vision.

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