Love One But Eat The Other

I read a provocative ad in the Skytrain saying “Why love one but eat the other.” The picture of a doleful looking calf beside a dog was cleverly crafted to elicit an emotional response towards the poor defenseless cow. The national ad campaign was designed to encourage people to switch to a vegetarian diet. In reality, it’s a thinly disguised religious propaganda ad for a Hindu lifestyle. They would like to replace our sacred dogs with their sacred cows. Or perhaps they would like us to place all animals on an equal footing. This I would be much more in favor of, treating all animals the same. After all, dogs have been on the sacred list far too long here in North America. How could 1.3 billion Chinese people be wrong. Most of my Chinese friends have tasted dog meat and actually enjoyed it’s strong flavor. We could put a distinctively North American twist to it. Poodle pie, Weiner dogs, Husky hash, Collie curls, Lab lunch, Pomeranian pudding, Shepherd soup. The possibilities are endless! Think about it… this untapped food source could be the answer to feeding the homeless!
Their website “” shows a Jersey cow named Dylan being embraced by an attractive young lady with a euphoric expression, like she’s found her true lover. Then there’s the pig called Olive, who made a daring and courageous escape from the slaughterhouse. Ophelia the hen could be your best girlfriend, who will sit quietly and listen to all your troubles.
Enough. This is misplaced emotion at it’s worst. They’ve lowered their IQ to the level of the animals they worship. What’s really missing is horse sense. What they’re handing out comes from the other end of the animal.

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